“Machines” by the Foresters, Song Review

The Foresters’ new single “Machines” is the second single off of their newest album, Sun Songs, which is set to release on July 21st. The song “Machines” is an upbeat song meant to be uplifting in a sense. The first single off of Sun Songs, “Afternoon,” was very laid back and folksy sounding. But the … Continue reading “Machines” by the Foresters, Song Review

“Afternoon” by The Foresters, Song Review

“Afternoon” by the Foresters is the first single off of Sun Songs, dropping this summer. The track has a definite folksy sound to it, and is driven by a single melody that can be heard in all of the different elements of the song, from the percussion to the synthesizer. But even with a single … Continue reading “Afternoon” by The Foresters, Song Review