Lee Corey Oswald Premiere Music Video on Noisey

The indie rock band Lee Corey Oswald premiered a new music video on Noisey.com, for their song “Sarah, Work Is A Four Letter Word.” You can watch it here, http://bit.ly/1F7mkMf. When asked about the making of the video, guitarist Lee Ellis explained it all: “We were on tour in Boston and contacted by Jimmy Craig … Continue reading Lee Corey Oswald Premiere Music Video on Noisey

“Alive Tonight” by Grace Potter, Single Review

Grace Potter has made her name famous with songs like “Paris (Ooh La La)” and “Stars” from her previous act as Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Recently she released that she would be going solo, and with that unveiled her new song “Alive Tonight.” The song seems to be almost like a mash up in … Continue reading “Alive Tonight” by Grace Potter, Single Review

“Dead Inside” by Muse, Song Review

"Dead Inside" is the first official single off of Muse's upcoming album, Drones, due to release June 8th. Like the previously released song, "Psycho," the new song puts more of an emphasises on all of the basic instruments. Guitars, drums, and vocals are the primary forces behind this song. You would think that this would result in … Continue reading “Dead Inside” by Muse, Song Review

“Psycho” by Muse, Song Review

Muse are back on the scene with a brand new song called "Psycho," off their upcoming album, Drones, due to release June 8th. Every note in this song completely vibrates with energy and talent. It starts off slow, with audio clips from a drill sergeant and a new recruit. This slow intro and audio clips set the tone for the whole … Continue reading “Psycho” by Muse, Song Review

“Of Beauty and Rage” by Red, Album Review

Of Beauty and Rage is the fifth album by the Nashville Christian-Rock band, Red. Don't let that stop you from listening, as they go far beyond their actual genre with their music. In a style similar to Muse, they've managed to use and manipulate different elements and styles of music to create something that sounds … Continue reading “Of Beauty and Rage” by Red, Album Review

Valentine’s Day Songs

Chances are you're getting together with your sweetie this Valentine's Day and doing something special, just the two of you. Well no matter if you've got a simple video chat planned or you're going out to dinner and an early screening of Fifty Shades of Grey, at some point during the night you're going to need some romantic … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Songs

“Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review

Their hit song "Geronimo" has been playing absolutely every where lately, but the band Sheppard isn't done yet. Despite being immensely popular, I didn't think too much of "Geronimo" - too poppy for my taste, not intricate enough, and way overplayed. But Sheppard's newest song "Find Someone" is almost something totally different. "Find Someone" has a softer … Continue reading “Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review

“Absolution Calling” by Incubus, Song Review

After four years of silence since their last album If not now, When?, Incubus have come out with a band new song called "Absolution Calling." The band posted a ten second teaser clip from the song on their Facebook last week along with the song's release date, February 5th 2015. Today, they released the song with … Continue reading “Absolution Calling” by Incubus, Song Review

“Broken Generation” by Of Mice & Men, Music Video Review

Of Mice & Men premiered a music video for their new song, "Broken Generation," at Billboard earlier today. The song is from the upcoming reissue of their third studio album (Restoring Force: Full Circle) that drops on February 24th. You can watch the video below the article too. With a lot of music videos, you feel like you're … Continue reading “Broken Generation” by Of Mice & Men, Music Video Review

“American Beauty/American Psycho” by Fall Out Boy, Album Review

Okay, okay, we know, we know... it doesn't officially drop until tomorrow. But it was Fall Out Boy that decided to stream their entire album through the beginning of January and post it on YouTube. It's not too big of a surprise, they did the same thing with their last album, Save Rock & Roll. The … Continue reading “American Beauty/American Psycho” by Fall Out Boy, Album Review