REVIEW: “Bloom” by Separations

The second album from Atlanta rock band Separations, titled Bloom, shows the band’s maturity from their first record, Dream Eater. Where the first album showed the bands potential, Bloom shows Separations literally blossoming and growing into their own sound. Separations tackle topics like loss, change and growth with descriptive lyrics and defined vocals from Will … Continue reading REVIEW: “Bloom” by Separations

“The Great Unknown” by Rob Thomas, Album Review

At this point in his career, Rob Thomas is basically a music legend. Having written hit songs like “Smooth” along with countless of hits with his band Matchbox Twenty, it’s obvious from the get-go that he’s a talented musician and performer. His latest solo work, The Great Unknown, shows that he’s not afraid to push … Continue reading “The Great Unknown” by Rob Thomas, Album Review

“Cheap Little Thrill” by Matchstickmen, Single Review

Matchstickmen are a rock n roll band out of Liverpool, with a brand new song called “Cheap Little Thrill.” “Cheap Little Thrill” is the second single off of their second album, From Our Own Ashes. “Cheap Little Thrill” has this sort of old school, classic rock n roll vibe to it. Every note, every lyric … Continue reading “Cheap Little Thrill” by Matchstickmen, Single Review

“Master Drone” by The Unravelling, Song Review

The Unravelling are an industrial, heavy metal, hard rock band that transcends genres with every song they release. After a hiatus for band member Steve Moore’s battle with cancer, The Unravelling is back and better than ever with their new song “Master Drone.” The song uses classic and new heavy metal elements to capture your … Continue reading “Master Drone” by The Unravelling, Song Review

“Bent Up Halo” by Broken Guru, Album Review

Bent Up Halo is the first, full length album from Broken Guru – a new rock band out of New York City. Broken Guru describes themselves as a fiery garage, psychedelic rock trio. Listening to their music, you’re instantly reminded of maybe early Green Day mixed with an early Lenny Kravitz. But in reality, their … Continue reading “Bent Up Halo” by Broken Guru, Album Review

“Big Vacation” by Run Forever, Review

Run Forever is an indie-rock band preparing to release their third album later this year through No Sleep Records. In preparation for the new album, Run Forever are releasing a 7” single called Big Vacation to be released July 10th through No Sleep Records. The songs off of Big Vacation aren’t exactly going to be … Continue reading “Big Vacation” by Run Forever, Review

“Drones” by Muse, Album Review

The most anticipated album of the summer is finally here – and it doesn’t disappoint. Drones is Muse’s seventh studio album to date. With Drones, the band promised a return to simpler times. Instead of dubstep meets symphonies meets Queen meets aliens, the band promised that they’d go back to how they started. However, that doesn’t … Continue reading “Drones” by Muse, Album Review

“Ordinary” by Post Paradise, Single Review

The new rock single, “Ordinary,” from Post Paradise is the first from their upcoming EP. The song seems to draw influences from the likes of RED and Evanescence, and only further establishes Post Paradise as a band to recognize. The most recognizable and unique element to Post Paradise is the cello by Amy Morgan. This … Continue reading “Ordinary” by Post Paradise, Single Review

My Goodness Releases Music Video For “Pay No Mind”

Earlier today, the Seattle rock band My Goodness premiered a new music video for the song “Pay No Mind” with The video is directed by Jon Meyer and is released just before the band’s appearance at Sasquatch! Festival over in George, Washington this weekend. When asked about shooting the music video for “Pay No … Continue reading My Goodness Releases Music Video For “Pay No Mind”

“Transmission Cinema” by Illogistical Resource Dept., Album Review

Transmission Cinema is the sophomore album from the band Illogistical Resource Dept. It drops May 19th through Aphagia Records, but thanks to the awesome people at Muddy Paw PR, Music Unlabeled got to review it early. And we absolutely loved it. Running Music Unlabeled has given me the chance to listen to all sorts of … Continue reading “Transmission Cinema” by Illogistical Resource Dept., Album Review