“Drones” by Muse, Album Review

The most anticipated album of the summer is finally here – and it doesn’t disappoint. Drones is Muse’s seventh studio album to date. With Drones, the band promised a return to simpler times. Instead of dubstep meets symphonies meets Queen meets aliens, the band promised that they’d go back to how they started. However, that doesn’t … Continue reading “Drones” by Muse, Album Review

“Transmission Cinema” by Illogistical Resource Dept., Album Review

Transmission Cinema is the sophomore album from the band Illogistical Resource Dept. It drops May 19th through Aphagia Records, but thanks to the awesome people at Muddy Paw PR, Music Unlabeled got to review it early. And we absolutely loved it. Running Music Unlabeled has given me the chance to listen to all sorts of … Continue reading “Transmission Cinema” by Illogistical Resource Dept., Album Review