“The Great Unknown” by Rob Thomas, Album Review

At this point in his career, Rob Thomas is basically a music legend. Having written hit songs like “Smooth” along with countless of hits with his band Matchbox Twenty, it’s obvious from the get-go that he’s a talented musician and performer. His latest solo work, The Great Unknown, shows that he’s not afraid to push … Continue reading “The Great Unknown” by Rob Thomas, Album Review

“Diamond Bright” by Agatha LaFaye: Single Review

Agatha LaFaye is listed as an intriguing blend of experimental, electronic, and pop,  and her new single single "Diamond Bright" has wound it's way to us for review! I'm pretty excited, because it seems like something that I could really end up enjoying. The track starts off loose and other worldly, drawing the listener in … Continue reading “Diamond Bright” by Agatha LaFaye: Single Review

“Sugar Dream” by Valley Shine, Song Review

“Sugar Dream” is the delightful, upbeat new song by Valley Shine. Valley Shine is a band from California, who’s unique sound is heavily influenced by a mix of folk acoustic and pop. Their debut EP, LOCA will be released in Fall of 2015. The song “Sugar Dream” catches you instantly with their upbeat melodies and … Continue reading “Sugar Dream” by Valley Shine, Song Review

“Trust You” by Rob Thomas, Single Review

“Trust You” by Rob Thomas is the first single from his upcoming solo album, The Great Unknown. Thomas has worked with everyone from Carlos Santana to Mick Jagger, as well as writing songs for his band Matchbox Twenty. He is easily classified as one of the best songwriters of modern music. So him teaming up … Continue reading “Trust You” by Rob Thomas, Single Review

“Alive Tonight” by Grace Potter, Single Review

Grace Potter has made her name famous with songs like “Paris (Ooh La La)” and “Stars” from her previous act as Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Recently she released that she would be going solo, and with that unveiled her new song “Alive Tonight.” The song seems to be almost like a mash up in … Continue reading “Alive Tonight” by Grace Potter, Single Review

“Gibberish” by MAX, Song Review

"Gibberish" by relatively new artist who goes by the name of MAX, caught my attention on Spotify earlier today. It's a pop song that combines elements of hip-hop and soul vocals to create something that's pretty new and exciting, featuring a verse or two by Hoodie Allen. The song is about something that almost everyone can … Continue reading “Gibberish” by MAX, Song Review

“Disordered Loves” by Craymer, EP Review

Disordered Loves is the first EP from Craymer, a self-described electro-pop band from Seattle. Despite being labeled as electro-pop and other similar genres, every song on Disordered Loves draws inspiration from other genres and elements of music. This EP combines elements of soul, pop, electronic, and a bit of rock to create something brand new and original. Despite … Continue reading “Disordered Loves” by Craymer, EP Review

“Behind Your Eyelids” by Panic is Perfect, Album Review

It's my absolute pleasure to review Behind Your Eyelids by Panic is Perfect this week. Behind Your Eyelids is presumably the first EP from the relatively new San Francisco band, and it only has five songs. But each song is absolutely beautiful and it keeps you wanting more. The first track on the album ("Go Go Go") grabs your … Continue reading “Behind Your Eyelids” by Panic is Perfect, Album Review

Valentine’s Day Songs

Chances are you're getting together with your sweetie this Valentine's Day and doing something special, just the two of you. Well no matter if you've got a simple video chat planned or you're going out to dinner and an early screening of Fifty Shades of Grey, at some point during the night you're going to need some romantic … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Songs

“Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review

Their hit song "Geronimo" has been playing absolutely every where lately, but the band Sheppard isn't done yet. Despite being immensely popular, I didn't think too much of "Geronimo" - too poppy for my taste, not intricate enough, and way overplayed. But Sheppard's newest song "Find Someone" is almost something totally different. "Find Someone" has a softer … Continue reading “Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review