“Back to Earth” — Steve Aoki ft. Fall Out Boy, Single Review

Hi, my name is Anna and I'm an EDM addict. I'm also a huge fan of Fall Out Boy. The fact that the two have been combined is absolutely mind blowing. Fall Out Boy is just that band that is always pushing the envelope of genres, and it's no surprise that they finally teamed up … Continue reading “Back to Earth” — Steve Aoki ft. Fall Out Boy, Single Review

“Magazines Or Novels” by Andy Grammer, A Review

Andy Grammer hasn’t hit complete stardom just yet. But previous hits of his like “Fine By Me” and “Keep Your Head Up” in 2011 launched him a bit closer than he was before. Having seen him live (and actually gotten the chance to meet him in person), I was actually pretty excited about his new … Continue reading “Magazines Or Novels” by Andy Grammer, A Review

“Blurred Lines” Between Song Writers — Thicke Admits Drug Abuse and Lying to Media

Robin Thicke upon being questioned for allegedly ripping off Marvin Gaye song: "The reality is, is that Pharrell had the beat and he wrote almost every single part of the song."

Recent Replays: Native by One Republic

Today’s review is yet another Recent Replay for me, this time focusing on Native by OneRepublic. Now, of course, this is one of my favorite groups and I always love listening to their music and will take as many chances to do so as I need to. Hence, why we’ve made it to one of … Continue reading Recent Replays: Native by One Republic

Animals – Maroon 5 Song Review

This new release from Maroon 5 has all of the same flavor that you would expect a Maroon 5 song to have. It’s catchy, upbeat, with somewhat clever and mildly suggestive lyrics. And it’s actually very good, but yet again, not one of my favorites - though I like it better than maps. The song isn’t … Continue reading Animals – Maroon 5 Song Review

Jesse McCartney “In Technicolor”

 Who doesn’t remember the teenage heart throb Jesse McCartney? Though not as memorable as say, 90s heart throb Justin Timberlake, he still left a heavy impression on all of the tweenagers of the ‘00s. So hearing that he has a new album out is both a trip down a more embarrassing part of memory lane … Continue reading Jesse McCartney “In Technicolor”