“Mobile Orchestra” by Owl City: Album review

So, Mobile Orchestra has been released, but I just got to a point where I could sit down and listen to it for a review since I've been doing a lot of visiting and traveling about this summer so it took me a week to get back to real heavy duty work. All the same, I'm … Continue reading “Mobile Orchestra” by Owl City: Album review

“My Everything” by Owl City: Single Review

A month out from the release of a new album and we have yet another new Owl City song to occupy our time with until the full album release. It'll be interesting to hear what the album will be like, especially considering a lot of recent music that Owl City has put out. At the … Continue reading “My Everything” by Owl City: Single Review

“Verge” By Owl City: Single Review

Last week Owl City released a new song featuring Aloe Blacc. Initially I was underwhelmed because I had other things occupying my mind so I haven't done a full listen through, but perhaps now that I'm a little calmer I can do a proper review and perhaps the song won't be as overwhelming. i really … Continue reading “Verge” By Owl City: Single Review

“Ultraviolet” – Owl City

Today, Owl City released their new EP entitled Ultraviolet. now, it’s been a rather long time since I listened to anything by them, but I tend to like their songs at least a little when i do, so there’s this strange balance of bias and non bias going on. It’s an EP, so there’s only … Continue reading “Ultraviolet” – Owl City