“Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic: Single Review

I have been a flurry of excitement for nearly a week now, but I've finally put myself in check enough to review the newest single from OneRepublic. I am always up for content from OneRepublic, because they never fail to capture my ears and my heart. "Wherever I Go" easily does that for me within … Continue reading “Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic: Single Review

Cortlyn’s Top Ten OneRepublic Songs

A truly auspicious week as we launch yet another new feature for Music Unlabled, and one that was promised a few weeks ago at that. The playlists make their first appearance on Music Unlabeled! This particular one focuses on my personal top ten OneRepublic songs. so, without further ado, i'll explain my choices below. 1. … Continue reading Cortlyn’s Top Ten OneRepublic Songs

Recent Replays: Native by One Republic

Today’s review is yet another Recent Replay for me, this time focusing on Native by OneRepublic. Now, of course, this is one of my favorite groups and I always love listening to their music and will take as many chances to do so as I need to. Hence, why we’ve made it to one of … Continue reading Recent Replays: Native by One Republic

Ordinary Human by OneRepublic Review

Earlier this week, OneRepublic released their new song from The Giver movie, and I hurried off to listen to it as soon as I could. I adore OneRepublic in all honesty, so whenever I get new music i’m instantly excited. The song itself starts off rather slow, with a focus on Ryan Tedder’s vocals, with … Continue reading Ordinary Human by OneRepublic Review