“Rude” the Zedd Remix, Review

"Rude" has been one of the many top 40 hits of the summer that have been overplayed to the point of hating them. "Rude" by Magic! was one of the many songs that I loved at first. Needless to say, two months of having it on every station practically 24/7 killed any fondness that I … Continue reading “Rude” the Zedd Remix, Review

Animals – Maroon 5 Song Review

This new release from Maroon 5 has all of the same flavor that you would expect a Maroon 5 song to have. It’s catchy, upbeat, with somewhat clever and mildly suggestive lyrics. And it’s actually very good, but yet again, not one of my favorites - though I like it better than maps. The song isn’t … Continue reading Animals – Maroon 5 Song Review

“Push The Button” by Amy Lee – NEW RELEASE

Evanescence was a very popular band in the early 2000s, and probably every teenager and college kid will remember rocking out to the strong female voice and hardcore rock n roll melody that made the band so unique. Guys and girls both were swooning over Amy Lee’s exceptional talent and voice that hit you at … Continue reading “Push The Button” by Amy Lee – NEW RELEASE

“Neon Light” by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s new song is one that is for a specific sort of country fan. It’s a bit heavier on the old-timey country feel, with a lot of twang and very little… rock. But not exactly out of sorts for this country artist.It’s up-beat and interesting enough to keep your attention, but a bit too… … Continue reading “Neon Light” by Blake Shelton

Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback

 I have a confession. I don’t understand why no one likes Nickelback. They have a wide range of songs and subject material for those songs. They’ve got a rock n roll sound, an awesome lead singer, and lyrics that are possible of giving you chills. I’ve been a fan of them since twelve or thirteen.Honestly, … Continue reading Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback

Charli XCX new song “Break the Rules”

The song starts off on a good enough note, quickly capturing your attention. Her voice is instantly recognizable, standing out against the melody and blending into it simultaneously. The melody is easy to lose yourself in, and easy to dance too. Almost too easy, because it’s just as easy to tune out. The song failed … Continue reading Charli XCX new song “Break the Rules”

Hit and Run by Lolo Review

Today I decided to review Lolo's latest single Hit and Run. I've heard Lolo featured on several songs by artists I listen to, but this was the first song I listened to that was straight her all the way through. It starts off with very high and airy vocals and a quiet piano driven beat. … Continue reading Hit and Run by Lolo Review

Jesse McCartney “In Technicolor”

 Who doesn’t remember the teenage heart throb Jesse McCartney? Though not as memorable as say, 90s heart throb Justin Timberlake, he still left a heavy impression on all of the tweenagers of the ‘00s. So hearing that he has a new album out is both a trip down a more embarrassing part of memory lane … Continue reading Jesse McCartney “In Technicolor”

New Release: “Burnin’ It Down” — Jason Aldean

I’m not a huge country fan, but I’m no stranger to it either and it is on my radio more often than not. So I’m no stranger to Jason Aldean, and am actually pretty fond of some of his music. Though Jason Aldean’s latest single is a bit outside of what I consider to be my … Continue reading New Release: “Burnin’ It Down” — Jason Aldean