“Animals” by Albis: EP Review

Recently Albis was brought to my attention, and I found myself in love with the beautiful melodies that made up the "Redwoods" single. So it was with a lot of excitement that I settled in to the EP that dropped today. Animals might be a quick listen, but it makes every second worth it with the same … Continue reading “Animals” by Albis: EP Review

“Etches in Aether” by Vie Jester, Album Review

This week, I got the privilege to review the new EP from Vie Jester, called Etches in Aether. Vie Jester is an alt-metal band from Los Angeles – but they have so many musical elements and influences far outside that genre as well, that one genre doesn’t really quite fit. This is the kind of … Continue reading “Etches in Aether” by Vie Jester, Album Review