“Stepping Stones” by Heirlooms: An EP Review

We start this week off strong with a brand new debut EP from a group called Heirlooms! Though their EP, Stepping Stones, isn't officially out until tomorrow, we get a chance to share our thoughts on it with you a little bit before that point! Of course, I'm always willing to start out the week with a … Continue reading “Stepping Stones” by Heirlooms: An EP Review

“Bees” by Smoke Season, Single Review

"Bees" is a new single by indie-alternative rock band Smoke Season. Formed in 2013, Smoke Season is comprised of Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen. Their newest song, "Bees," combines interesting lyrics and instrumentals with almost sensual sounding vocals to create a totally unique and extremely captivating song. The song starts off slow, the vocals by Wortman leading the way into the song … Continue reading “Bees” by Smoke Season, Single Review

“Etches in Aether” by Vie Jester, Album Review

This week, I got the privilege to review the new EP from Vie Jester, called Etches in Aether. Vie Jester is an alt-metal band from Los Angeles – but they have so many musical elements and influences far outside that genre as well, that one genre doesn’t really quite fit. This is the kind of … Continue reading “Etches in Aether” by Vie Jester, Album Review

New Artist Feature: Tether

The whole reason we chose the name Music Unlabeled for our music webzine is simple: we wanted to take away all the labels from music and get to the heart of what it’s all about, the music. That’s why we don’t really favor a particular genre or brand of music. We cover everything from hip-hop, … Continue reading New Artist Feature: Tether