“Invincible” by Shayne Leighton: EP Review

Shayne Leighton is another new artist that's been brought to our attention, and I'm excited to finally have the chance to review her EP for you all. A woman of many talents, Leighton is also a published author and anti-bullying activist on top of being a musician. "Invisible" is her debut EP, released earlier this … Continue reading “Invincible” by Shayne Leighton: EP Review

“Disordered Loves” by Craymer, EP Review

Disordered Loves is the first EP from Craymer, a self-described electro-pop band from Seattle. Despite being labeled as electro-pop and other similar genres, every song on Disordered Loves draws inspiration from other genres and elements of music. This EP combines elements of soul, pop, electronic, and a bit of rock to create something brand new and original. Despite … Continue reading “Disordered Loves” by Craymer, EP Review

“Behind Your Eyelids” by Panic is Perfect, Album Review

It's my absolute pleasure to review Behind Your Eyelids by Panic is Perfect this week. Behind Your Eyelids is presumably the first EP from the relatively new San Francisco band, and it only has five songs. But each song is absolutely beautiful and it keeps you wanting more. The first track on the album ("Go Go Go") grabs your … Continue reading “Behind Your Eyelids” by Panic is Perfect, Album Review

“Y & Y EP” by Years & Years – EP Review

Years & Years is an electro-pop trio group from England, formed in 2010 but arguably still pretty new on the scene. And from the sounds of their latest EP, they've got no where to go but up. The EP is only four songs (for a total of just roughly fifteen minutes) long, but it definitely leaves its mark. … Continue reading “Y & Y EP” by Years & Years – EP Review

“Fragile Dates and Times” by Safety Hazard, New Album Review

Waybridge Records sent us a preview of the brand new album from San Francisco band Safety Hazards, called Fragile Dates and Times - which drops on the 17th of January. The band has been described as an aggressive pop-punk band - but really, they draw in their inspirations from so many more genres,so you can't give them an … Continue reading “Fragile Dates and Times” by Safety Hazard, New Album Review

Artist Feature: The Curse Within

Wednesday marks another new artist feature here on Music Unlabeled. This week, we're focusing on The Curse Within, an emerging metal band located in Toronto. Fans of groups like Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and Children Of Bodom might be interested in learning about and listening to this likewise influenced group. This … Continue reading Artist Feature: The Curse Within

“Leaving Home” by Old State review

This week we've got another artist from Waybridge Records, Old State! Their first EP, Leaving Home, was released recently, so it's going to be the focus of today's post. Old State is an aggressive sadcore band from St. Louis, Missouri with influences such as Title Fight, Turnover, Basement, Have Mercy, Head North, and Citizen. It's a … Continue reading “Leaving Home” by Old State review

Goldn’s “PinkFuck” Album Review

Another new artist, another week. As some basic info, Goldn is a solo artist who started out writing and recording in their bedroom. Influenced by the likes of Kurt Cobain, Frank Ocean, Ben Harper, and pc music, Goldn, whose music is commonly described as pop/rnb, says their inspiration comes from colorful cartoons and old video … Continue reading Goldn’s “PinkFuck” Album Review

“In Light Of” by Mishandled — New Artist and Album Review

Today, keeping with the trend of trying our best to feature new artists, I reviewed Mishandled. They’re a pop-punk/alternative emo band from Chicago, Illinois that was brought to us by Waybridge Records to review (Thanks Joshua!) Their new EP In Light Of is officially out now on Spotify and bandcamp, but in my official opinion, … Continue reading “In Light Of” by Mishandled — New Artist and Album Review