Muse Release Halloween Inspired Cover Video

After releasing a teaser clip with the hashtag #MuseHalloweenSpecial, Muse have unveiled a new music video for their cover of The Cramps' song “New Kind of Kick.” Clad in leather clothing, the Iggy Pop inspired music video has band members gyrating their hips and frontman Matt Bellamy screaming in his band members faces. While the... Continue Reading →

“Drones” by Muse, Album Review

The most anticipated album of the summer is finally here – and it doesn’t disappoint. Drones is Muse’s seventh studio album to date. With Drones, the band promised a return to simpler times. Instead of dubstep meets symphonies meets Queen meets aliens, the band promised that they’d go back to how they started. However, that doesn’t... Continue Reading →

“The Handler” by Muse, Song Review

A lot of the dramatic guitar elements that have been present all throughout Muse’s songs are very much present in The Handler. But instead of being amplified by synths and drowned out by Queen like stadium orchestra sounds, they totally take the spotlight and guide the way in “The Handler.” It’s a nice but not... Continue Reading →

“Reapers” by Muse, Song Review

Muse released “Reapers” earlier today, a follow up to their last single “Mercy,” which was released last Monday. As far as sound, “Reapers” falls in line with their first single. It’s primarily guitar driven with heavy percussions an amazing bass line, and these are the sole elements of the song. But the difference is everything... Continue Reading →

“Mercy” by Muse, Song Review

Muse released their latest song, “Mercy” off of their upcoming album Drones. The song is the third single off of what will be their seventh album, and just like the other few have done, “Mercy” totally knocks it out of the park. “Psycho” went back to the rock n roll riffs from that old Muse-fans... Continue Reading →

“Dead Inside” by Muse, Song Review

"Dead Inside" is the first official single off of Muse's upcoming album, Drones, due to release June 8th. Like the previously released song, "Psycho," the new song puts more of an emphasises on all of the basic instruments. Guitars, drums, and vocals are the primary forces behind this song. You would think that this would result in... Continue Reading →

“Psycho” by Muse, Song Review

Muse are back on the scene with a brand new song called "Psycho," off their upcoming album, Drones, due to release June 8th. Every note in this song completely vibrates with energy and talent. It starts off slow, with audio clips from a drill sergeant and a new recruit. This slow intro and audio clips set the tone for the whole... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Muse Songs

We're big Muse fans here at Music Unlabeled, and it was a dual run Muse fanblog that actually eased us in to creating the much larger scale Music Unlabeled. So it was only a matter of time before we managed to include a playlist from this band's catalog. But I could go on for hours... Continue Reading →

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