“Wilder Mind” by Mumford & Sons, Album Review

Wilder Mind is the third album from Mumford & Sons. And strategically, it’s the obvious next step for the band. The banjo infused folk elements that made this band famous are just barely there, under the surface of a brand new, more mature coffee house rock sound.  And while the band’s sound might have changed, … Continue reading “Wilder Mind” by Mumford & Sons, Album Review

“Believe” by Mumford & Sons: Single Review

Mumford and Sons have always put out exceptionally pretty music in my opinion. Their tracks are emotive and energetic and manage to grip the attention even if one is only casually listening to the radio at that time. So I'm pretty eager to hear their new song "Believe" because I know that it's very unlikely … Continue reading “Believe” by Mumford & Sons: Single Review