“Absolution Calling” by Incubus, Song Review

After four years of silence since their last album If not now, When?, Incubus have come out with a band new song called "Absolution Calling." The band posted a ten second teaser clip from the song on their Facebook last week along with the song's release date, February 5th 2015. Today, they released the song with … Continue reading “Absolution Calling” by Incubus, Song Review

Kelly Clarkson’s Heartbeat Song Lyric Video

Earlier today, the lyric video for Kelly Clarkson's new song hit the internet. Starting with a blend of colors and drawing in the listener with the vocals being stark and noticeable, the song gets off to a great start. The energy builds as the song continues, blending perfectly with a variety of interesting backing graphics. … Continue reading Kelly Clarkson’s Heartbeat Song Lyric Video

Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback

 I have a confession. I don’t understand why no one likes Nickelback. They have a wide range of songs and subject material for those songs. They’ve got a rock n roll sound, an awesome lead singer, and lyrics that are possible of giving you chills. I’ve been a fan of them since twelve or thirteen.Honestly, … Continue reading Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback