“Centuries” by Fall Out Boy, Song Review

Very much in the style of all of Fall Out Boy, they’ve dropped a new song and have hinted at a new album sometime next year with very little to no warning. Well, at least it wasn’t a few years wait this time. The song starts out with a female voice (Lolo) singing the famous … Continue reading “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy, Song Review

Hit and Run by Lolo Review

Today I decided to review Lolo's latest single Hit and Run. I've heard Lolo featured on several songs by artists I listen to, but this was the first song I listened to that was straight her all the way through. It starts off with very high and airy vocals and a quiet piano driven beat. … Continue reading Hit and Run by Lolo Review

Headphones (feat. Lolo) – Matt Nathanson

Yesterday a new single by Matt Nathanson dropped, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I usually really enjoy the songs he puts out so that sort of explains how psyched up i got the instant I heard about it, doesn’t it? I gave it some time before I listened to it, to have some … Continue reading Headphones (feat. Lolo) – Matt Nathanson