“Invincible” by Shayne Leighton: EP Review

Shayne Leighton is another new artist that's been brought to our attention, and I'm excited to finally have the chance to review her EP for you all. A woman of many talents, Leighton is also a published author and anti-bullying activist on top of being a musician. "Invisible" is her debut EP, released earlier this … Continue reading “Invincible” by Shayne Leighton: EP Review

Storyline by Hunter Hayes, Album Review

A while ago, Hunter Hayes came out with a new album called Storyline. I’ve been meaning to review it forever, but I just never seemed to get around to it. Now seemed like a good time to get around to it.The fourteen track album starts off with a high energy, verge of pop song with … Continue reading Storyline by Hunter Hayes, Album Review