A One Man Radio Show: Mike “Fish” Fishkin Talks About Growth and Production of idobi show “Gone Fishkin”

Hosted by Mike Fishkin (aka Fish) on idobi Radio, Gone Fishkin is a dynamic, talk-show style radio show that connects well versed pop-punk fans with the latest and greatest bands in their genre. The two-hour program features interviews, live performances, and music you can’t find anywhere else. In a recent interview with Music Unlabeled, Fish... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW: Arthur Revechkis of Comrad

Comrad released his single "1000 Lives" earlier this year that I previously described as "fun and bubbly from the get-go." It had a wonderful energy to it that made it really stand out to me. So it was with a great eagerness that I sat down with Arthur Revechkis the voice behind Comrad to learn a little... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW: Oscar Rodriguez of Albis

You might recognize the name Albis from the single or album review we did recently here on Music Unlabeled. We also got the opportunity to sit down with Oscar Rodriguez and ask him a few questions relating to his work. You've been playing with a softer side when compared to some of your previous works.... Continue Reading →

INTERVIEW: Izzy Gliksberg of Late Sea

I was recently swept off my feet while listening to Late Sea's "The Great White." It was a beautiful journey that I still say is better heard than described. So it was with some excitement that I sat down with Izzy Gliksberg for a quick interview. You've described your EP, The Writers Trilogy, as an... Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: JUNE dARK Talks New Music And More

Formally the lead singer with Clandestine, JUNE dARK is reinventing herself as a solo artist. After struggling for years to find her own independent and unique musical sound, she’s set to release Playing With Fire on September 2. The EP is a courageous departure and exploration from JUNE’s heavy metal roots. In three captivating, inspiring... Continue Reading →

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