REVIEW: “Out to Sea” by TALMA

Blending alternative and classic rock together seamlessly, the London-based five piece in TALMA have released their newest music endeavor, a four song EP called Out to Sea on Feb. 23. Out to Sea covers a wide range of themes that are meant to represent the modern world. The lyrics tackle dark themes like loneliness and... Continue Reading →

“Late 44” by Louise Aubrie, Album Review

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Late 44 is an attention grabbing record by Louise Aubrie. The London rocker gave her original compositions a classic flare, which is what makes her standout among all of the other indie rockers. Timeless lyrics, unforgettable instrumentals and melodies all make Late 44 a great album to listen to. While... Continue Reading →

“The Unveiling” by Rimi, EP Review

The Unveiling is the debut from artist Rimi, an Indian-American singer based out of Los Angeles, California. The goal of The Unveiling, as read on their BandCamp page, was to blend Indian pop music with Western. That’s just a simple way of putting it. In blending the two genres that are usually seen as totally... Continue Reading →

“Big Vacation” by Run Forever, Review

Run Forever is an indie-rock band preparing to release their third album later this year through No Sleep Records. In preparation for the new album, Run Forever are releasing a 7” single called Big Vacation to be released July 10th through No Sleep Records. The songs off of Big Vacation aren’t exactly going to be... Continue Reading →

“Full Coverage” by Grumsling, EP Review

Grumsling is a band from Oakland, California. More than a band, they’re an art project. Their music is a narrative for a creature called The Grumsling, and their music also serves as a soundtrack of sorts for the upcoming graphic novels by David Lafuente. This unique art adventure goes far beyond what any other indie... Continue Reading →

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