REVIEW: “Out to Sea” by TALMA

Blending alternative and classic rock together seamlessly, the London-based five piece in TALMA have released their newest music endeavor, a four song EP called Out to Sea on Feb. 23. Out to Sea covers a wide range of themes that are meant to represent the modern world. The lyrics tackle dark themes like loneliness and … Continue reading REVIEW: “Out to Sea” by TALMA

[REVIEW] “Body Wars” by June Divided

The songs from June Divided’s latest EP Body Wars, dropped earlier this month, are captivating. They echo from your headphones the same way that you’d expect them to echo from the stage at the concert. That energy is there, alive in every song and calling you to dance with it. Progressive, melodic, and poppy; June … Continue reading [REVIEW] “Body Wars” by June Divided

“Mystifacts” by Joe Kowalski, Album Review

Mystifacts is the latest album from Ohio native Joe Kowalski, also known as PogieJoe. He primarily works as the director and writer for his films and YouTube videos, but has truly made his mark in the music world with this album. There’s a lot on Mystifacts that Kowalski does by himself with the tools at … Continue reading “Mystifacts” by Joe Kowalski, Album Review

“Late 44” by Louise Aubrie, Album Review

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Late 44 is an attention grabbing record by Louise Aubrie. The London rocker gave her original compositions a classic flare, which is what makes her standout among all of the other indie rockers. Timeless lyrics, unforgettable instrumentals and melodies all make Late 44 a great album to listen to. While … Continue reading “Late 44” by Louise Aubrie, Album Review

“The Unveiling” by Rimi, EP Review

The Unveiling is the debut from artist Rimi, an Indian-American singer based out of Los Angeles, California. The goal of The Unveiling, as read on their BandCamp page, was to blend Indian pop music with Western. That’s just a simple way of putting it. In blending the two genres that are usually seen as totally … Continue reading “The Unveiling” by Rimi, EP Review

“Bent Up Halo” by Broken Guru, Album Review

Bent Up Halo is the first, full length album from Broken Guru – a new rock band out of New York City. Broken Guru describes themselves as a fiery garage, psychedelic rock trio. Listening to their music, you’re instantly reminded of maybe early Green Day mixed with an early Lenny Kravitz. But in reality, their … Continue reading “Bent Up Halo” by Broken Guru, Album Review

“Big Vacation” by Run Forever, Review

Run Forever is an indie-rock band preparing to release their third album later this year through No Sleep Records. In preparation for the new album, Run Forever are releasing a 7” single called Big Vacation to be released July 10th through No Sleep Records. The songs off of Big Vacation aren’t exactly going to be … Continue reading “Big Vacation” by Run Forever, Review

“Full Coverage” by Grumsling, EP Review

Grumsling is a band from Oakland, California. More than a band, they’re an art project. Their music is a narrative for a creature called The Grumsling, and their music also serves as a soundtrack of sorts for the upcoming graphic novels by David Lafuente. This unique art adventure goes far beyond what any other indie … Continue reading “Full Coverage” by Grumsling, EP Review

“Woman (Oh Mama)” by Joy Williams, Single Review

"Woman (Oh Mama)" by Joy Williams (previously a member of the Civil Wars) was an absolute delight to listen to. I don't think that there was a thing that I disliked about it. Everything from the message, to the rhythms, to the lyrics, to the vocals. I really actually loved everything about this song. The … Continue reading “Woman (Oh Mama)” by Joy Williams, Single Review

“Bees” by Smoke Season, Single Review

"Bees" is a new single by indie-alternative rock band Smoke Season. Formed in 2013, Smoke Season is comprised of Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen. Their newest song, "Bees," combines interesting lyrics and instrumentals with almost sensual sounding vocals to create a totally unique and extremely captivating song. The song starts off slow, the vocals by Wortman leading the way into the song … Continue reading “Bees” by Smoke Season, Single Review