“Sighlines” by Steve Benjamins, EP Review

Sightlines by Steve Benjamins is a melodic, indie-pop album that will leave you craving more. Sightlines is Benjamins’ second EP, and is jam packed with beautiful instrumentals, catchy melodies, and incredibly personal lyrics that create a strangely intimate feeling. With six songs, including the single “We Used To Live,” Sightlines will definitely leave its mark. … Continue reading “Sighlines” by Steve Benjamins, EP Review

“Late 44” by Louise Aubrie, Album Review

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Late 44 is an attention grabbing record by Louise Aubrie. The London rocker gave her original compositions a classic flare, which is what makes her standout among all of the other indie rockers. Timeless lyrics, unforgettable instrumentals and melodies all make Late 44 a great album to listen to. While … Continue reading “Late 44” by Louise Aubrie, Album Review

“Dear California” by Water District, Song Review

Water District is a band out of LA, and has been on the scene since early 2012. Their latest single, “Dear California,” showcases their experiences as well as promotes their growth as a band. With sweet lyrics and interesting instrumentals, “Dear California” draws you in and shows you everything that Water District has to offer. … Continue reading “Dear California” by Water District, Song Review

“Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review

Their hit song "Geronimo" has been playing absolutely every where lately, but the band Sheppard isn't done yet. Despite being immensely popular, I didn't think too much of "Geronimo" - too poppy for my taste, not intricate enough, and way overplayed. But Sheppard's newest song "Find Someone" is almost something totally different. "Find Someone" has a softer … Continue reading “Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review