“Sighlines” by Steve Benjamins, EP Review

Sightlines by Steve Benjamins is a melodic, indie-pop album that will leave you craving more. Sightlines is Benjamins’ second EP, and is jam packed with beautiful instrumentals, catchy melodies, and incredibly personal lyrics that create a strangely intimate feeling. With six songs, including the single “We Used To Live,” Sightlines will definitely leave its mark.... Continue Reading →

“Late 44” by Louise Aubrie, Album Review

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Late 44 is an attention grabbing record by Louise Aubrie. The London rocker gave her original compositions a classic flare, which is what makes her standout among all of the other indie rockers. Timeless lyrics, unforgettable instrumentals and melodies all make Late 44 a great album to listen to. While... Continue Reading →

“Find Someone” by Sheppard, Single Review

Their hit song "Geronimo" has been playing absolutely every where lately, but the band Sheppard isn't done yet. Despite being immensely popular, I didn't think too much of "Geronimo" - too poppy for my taste, not intricate enough, and way overplayed. But Sheppard's newest song "Find Someone" is almost something totally different. "Find Someone" has a softer... Continue Reading →

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