“Roots” by Imagine Dragons: Single Review

I'm getting very lucky this period with all this new music from artists I like. Imagine Dragons have released a new single called "Roots" two days ago, and I held out until it hit spotify to review it. Imagine Dragons usually put out some very interesting music, and I'm hoping that this will hold up to … Continue reading “Roots” by Imagine Dragons: Single Review

“Smoke + Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons: Album Review

Last week, Imagine Dragons released their second album, Smoke + Mirrors. With three singles off the album already release, the album has held a lot of promise in my mind for quite some time. So without further waffling, let's head on into the meat of the album and see what Imagine Dragons have in store … Continue reading “Smoke + Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons: Album Review

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons Review

Today's review is a quick choice from a band that I deeply enjoy listening to on any given occasion. The newest single from Imagine Dragons, I Bet My Life caught my attention on Monday when I was feeling less than energetic about all the work I needed to get done before Saturday, and it was … Continue reading I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons Review