REVIEW: “Infernal Overdrive” by White Wizzard

“Infernal Overdrive” is the latest release from heavy-metal band White Wizzard. Self-described as a “true American metal band,” White Wizzard heavily feature long guitar riffs and higher pitched vocals to complete the classic sound. The lyrics are incredibly visual, occasionally referencing supernatural concepts like Hell, angels and Satan. “Infernal Overdrive” even features a whole song … Continue reading REVIEW: “Infernal Overdrive” by White Wizzard

“Disharmony” by Twitching Tongues, Album Review

Disharmony by Twitching Tongues is an intricately crafted, guitar-driven heavy metal album, coming out through Metal Blade Records on October 30. The creative melodies and guitar solos on this album have all the best qualities of the heavy-metal rock albums that came before it, all while having enough original flare to keep even the most … Continue reading “Disharmony” by Twitching Tongues, Album Review

“VENOM” by Bullet For My Valentine, Album Review

VENOM is the much anticipated album from UK Heavy Metal Rockers Bullet For My Valentine. Released today, August 14, through RCA Records, VENOM is everything that fans could have ever hoped for. When you listen to VENOM, you don’t just hear the product of months of recording and planning. You’re hearing the product of everything … Continue reading “VENOM” by Bullet For My Valentine, Album Review

Bullet For My Valentine Start Releasing New Songs Through Facebook

Bullet For My Valentine have posted a new song on their website, called “Playing God.” The new song comes from their upcoming album, VENOM, out on August 14th through RCA Records. You can listen to the new song below. The new song is a direct follow up to their last single, “Army Of Noise” released … Continue reading Bullet For My Valentine Start Releasing New Songs Through Facebook

“Deathless” by Miss May I, Album Review

Deathless is the new album by heavy-metal band Miss May I. The new record is being released through Rise Records on August 7th. Joey Sturgis - who worked with Miss May I on their first two records as well as with the band Of Mice & Men - was brought on as a producer for … Continue reading “Deathless” by Miss May I, Album Review

“Master Drone” by The Unravelling, Song Review

The Unravelling are an industrial, heavy metal, hard rock band that transcends genres with every song they release. After a hiatus for band member Steve Moore’s battle with cancer, The Unravelling is back and better than ever with their new song “Master Drone.” The song uses classic and new heavy metal elements to capture your … Continue reading “Master Drone” by The Unravelling, Song Review

Lionfight Fires Bassist Over Racist Facebook Post

The up and coming metal band Lionfight fired their bassist, Bryan Patrick Cole, after he posted a racist rant to Facebook. Cole was agitated by the Baltimore riots and protests, and mentioned how Freddie Grey and Mike Brown – both of which were victims of police brutality – “probably deserved it.” You can read his … Continue reading Lionfight Fires Bassist Over Racist Facebook Post

“The Spoils of Youth, Laid Waste by Age” by Heavy Horse, Album Review

Heavy Horse is a self-described "sludgy post hardcore doom" band from St. Louis, Missouri. Tomorrow (February 13th) they're releasing their sophomore album, The Spoils of Youth, Laid Waste by Age through DIY Labels Waybridge Records and Eat Tapes. Since the people at Waybridge Records are awesome, Music Unlabeled got to listen to the album early … Continue reading “The Spoils of Youth, Laid Waste by Age” by Heavy Horse, Album Review

“Absolution Calling” by Incubus, Song Review

After four years of silence since their last album If not now, When?, Incubus have come out with a band new song called "Absolution Calling." The band posted a ten second teaser clip from the song on their Facebook last week along with the song's release date, February 5th 2015. Today, they released the song with … Continue reading “Absolution Calling” by Incubus, Song Review

New Artist Feature: Tether

The whole reason we chose the name Music Unlabeled for our music webzine is simple: we wanted to take away all the labels from music and get to the heart of what it’s all about, the music. That’s why we don’t really favor a particular genre or brand of music. We cover everything from hip-hop, … Continue reading New Artist Feature: Tether