Green day – Awesome as F**k

I rented the concert DVD Awesome as F**k from my library earlier this week. Why? Because I fucking love Green Day, that’s why. I hadn’t ever seen it before, though. The camera work takes some adjusting to. In its attempt to capture absolutely everything, it skips around and changes focus a lot. However, this style sort of... Continue Reading →

Recent Replays Week: Tre! by Green Day

We’ve reached the week’s end and wrap up this short marathon of posts with the third and final album, Tre! by Green Day. This album starts off with the track Brutal Love. Brutal Love begins with a light melodic guitar and vocals that flow easily together. It’s a very melodic driven song in the beginning,... Continue Reading →

Recent Replays Week: Dos! by Green Day

Starting off the second day of this three day endeavor is the album Dos! which begins with See You Tonight. See You Tonight starts off with a melodic guitar and very light vocal presence, occasionally drowned out by the guitars at first. The effect is very nice, and it’s a nice calm song to start... Continue Reading →

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