“Saint Cecilia EP” by Foo Fighters: EP review

I can't actually think of the last time I reviewed an EP off the top of my head, but it is a very frazzled time of year for me, as i'm sure many others are feeling for any number of reasons. At any rate, I decided to mix it up today and listen to an … Continue reading “Saint Cecilia EP” by Foo Fighters: EP review

More Information on Paris Attacks Revealed

Yesterday on November 13th, there were a series of terrorism attacks in Paris. Attacks included multiple shootings and explosions at the National Stadium. There was also a massacre and hostage situation at the Bataclan Theatre where American band Eagles of Death Metal were playing a show. French authorities say that 128 people are dead from … Continue reading More Information on Paris Attacks Revealed

Record Store Day 2015 Guide

Record Store Day was an event founded in 2007 to bring awareness to locally owned record stores, which in today’s digital music age are practically extinct. Since its launch in 2007, the holiday is celebrated by bands and fans worldwide – including artists like Green Day, Garbage, Jethro Tull, and even Paul McCartney. However, if … Continue reading Record Store Day 2015 Guide