REVIEW: “Out to Sea” by TALMA

Blending alternative and classic rock together seamlessly, the London-based five piece in TALMA have released their newest music endeavor, a four song EP called Out to Sea on Feb. 23. Out to Sea covers a wide range of themes that are meant to represent the modern world. The lyrics tackle dark themes like loneliness and … Continue reading REVIEW: “Out to Sea” by TALMA

“Today” by Pamela Hute: EP Review

Today is an EP that has an album following in its wake. With the promise of more music coming in just a few months, the EP draws attention quickly. It was easy to settle in and press play to see what exactly this EP sounded like, instead of trying to guess.  I was pleasantly surprised at the … Continue reading “Today” by Pamela Hute: EP Review

Saint Adeline’s Self-Titled EP Review

I try and start my Mondays off with music. It's important that I always have time for music, no matter what. Music Unlabeled makes that goal a little easier, and brings groups like Saint Adeline to my attention. I'm always excited to give new music a chance, and I'm very rarely let down by the … Continue reading Saint Adeline’s Self-Titled EP Review

“Animals” by Albis: EP Review

Recently Albis was brought to my attention, and I found myself in love with the beautiful melodies that made up the "Redwoods" single. So it was with a lot of excitement that I settled in to the EP that dropped today. Animals might be a quick listen, but it makes every second worth it with the same … Continue reading “Animals” by Albis: EP Review

A Review of The Chris Paterno Band’s Self-Titled EP

Earlier this month, we featured a single by the Chris Paterno Band that captivated my ears and made me extremely eager to hear more from them. Luckily, their new EP is set to be released tomorrow! And I am delighted to be able to share my thoughts with you on it, because it definitely holds … Continue reading A Review of The Chris Paterno Band’s Self-Titled EP

REVIEW: “Let It Rain” by Unconscious Disturbance

The latest EP from Unconscious Disturbance can be compared to the taste samples at the grocery store. Its primary job is to get you wanting more, and that’s exactly what Let It Rain does. The EP features just three songs – “Eye To Eye,” “Scream,” and the title track “Let It Rain.” Each song is … Continue reading REVIEW: “Let It Rain” by Unconscious Disturbance

“Gone Is Gone” by Gone is Gone, EP Review

Gone Is Gone is the new self-titled debut ep from rockers Tony Hajjar (At the Drive In), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), and Mike Zarin. All of them came together as musicians looking for a more creative outlet, and so Gone Is Gone was born. For a debut record, … Continue reading “Gone Is Gone” by Gone is Gone, EP Review

“Love and Other Crimes” by Masked Intruder, EP Review

Wisconsin band Masked Intruder are back with their brand new EP, Love And Other Crimes, out July 8 via Pure Noise Records. The EP is a 90s punk inspired record with upbeat lyrics that make you smile and move your feet. Whether you’re driving to work or listening at home, Masked Intruder’s energy is contagious. … Continue reading “Love and Other Crimes” by Masked Intruder, EP Review

“Wild At Heart” by Western Daughter: EP Review

Sometimes there's a sound that's not quite acoustic, but not heavily edited to flow smoothly either. It's rarely a bad sound, and it certainly pops out a little more when you hear it. Today's EP from Western Daughter has that sound, and they use it expertly. The EP has a very raw feeling and plays off … Continue reading “Wild At Heart” by Western Daughter: EP Review