“Our Oceans” by Our Oceans: Album Review

Another day, another debut album floating out there in the wild abyss of the internet. I personally love debut albums, because it's a quiet promise that there will always be new music in the world, you just have to be open about where you look for it. You have to give it a chance and … Continue reading “Our Oceans” by Our Oceans: Album Review

“Stepping Stones” by Heirlooms: An EP Review

We start this week off strong with a brand new debut EP from a group called Heirlooms! Though their EP, Stepping Stones, isn't officially out until tomorrow, we get a chance to share our thoughts on it with you a little bit before that point! Of course, I'm always willing to start out the week with a … Continue reading “Stepping Stones” by Heirlooms: An EP Review

“Dopamine” by BØRNS: Album Review

Last night a tweet passing through my feed pointed me in the direction of this album, and I had so much face in the group that mentioned it that it wasn't even a question of if I was going to review, but one of how soon I would be reviewing this album. Dopamine is the debut album … Continue reading “Dopamine” by BØRNS: Album Review

“Invincible” by Shayne Leighton: EP Review

Shayne Leighton is another new artist that's been brought to our attention, and I'm excited to finally have the chance to review her EP for you all. A woman of many talents, Leighton is also a published author and anti-bullying activist on top of being a musician. "Invisible" is her debut EP, released earlier this … Continue reading “Invincible” by Shayne Leighton: EP Review

“Daya” by Daya: Album Review

Sometimes I just flick through the new releases on spotify until something jumps out at me and really makes me want to listen and review it. That's pretty much how some of my articles have come together, but it's always a fun adventure in getting there. Today is one of those times, and the self … Continue reading “Daya” by Daya: Album Review

“Ain’t So Young” by Glamour Assassins: Album Review

Released around a week ago, Ain't So Young is the debut album from a group called Glamour Assassins. I have the very exciting honor of listening to it and posting a review so the rest of you can learn about this group and check them out for yourselves! "The Day Rock & Roll Died" starts off with … Continue reading “Ain’t So Young” by Glamour Assassins: Album Review

“Grand Romantic” by Nate Ruess: Album Review

Today's the day! Grand Romantic, the first solo album from Fun. singer Nate Ruess has finally been released! So without wasting any time I decided to get the review up and posted, and I really don't want to waste too much time since everything I've heard from this album I've liked a whole lot. "Grand Romantic (Intro)" … Continue reading “Grand Romantic” by Nate Ruess: Album Review

“Psychic Slime” by Dog Brain: Album review

So some of you may recall the review we did of Alligator, the previous release from Dog Brain. Well good news folks, they're back with a brand new LP called Psychic Slime! Those of you that remember Alligator may also remember what a blend of sounds that that EP was comprised of. Psychic Slime doesn't let down in that regard, as it … Continue reading “Psychic Slime” by Dog Brain: Album review

Dark Waves by Dark Waves Album Review

I picked this album at random for today's review, mostly because I haven't heard the name before and felt like trying something new. It also seemed like a quick review and it's still a pretty busy and pretty draining week for me. I'm hoping this album can turn it around and let me get on … Continue reading Dark Waves by Dark Waves Album Review

No Mythologies To Follow by Mø Album Review

On March 10, 2014 No Mythologies To Follow, the debut album by Mø, was released. Now, once again, I go in blind to an artist, getting my first taste as I listen through the album. Specifically, I’m listening to the deluxe versions which features eight more tracks than the regular, four of which are labeled … Continue reading No Mythologies To Follow by Mø Album Review