Something’s Gotta Give: The New All Time Low Song Review

So I get to write a bit more about All Time Low to accompany the playlist from last week thanks to the very exciting release of the first track from their upcoming new album, Future Hearts! So far 2015 looks like it's going t be an exciting year for music, and I can not wait … Continue reading Something’s Gotta Give: The New All Time Low Song Review

“Here’s to the Zeroes” by Marianas Trench Review

i'll admit it, I'm pretty sure this is the first song by the group I've knowingly listened to. I mean I've heard of them, but only in a passing sort of way. But i decided to jump past that and review a recent single by them for today's post as a way of mixing up … Continue reading “Here’s to the Zeroes” by Marianas Trench Review

“American Beauty/American Psycho” by Fall Out Boy Review

Today marks the drop of yet another Fall Out Boy single. The titular track off their upcoming album, American Beauty/American Psycho, is one of three instant downloads available when you preorder the album through iTunes. The other two tracks currently available are Centuries and The Kids Aren’t Alright. The song American Beauty/American Psycho starts out with … Continue reading “American Beauty/American Psycho” by Fall Out Boy Review

Artist Feature: The Curse Within

Wednesday marks another new artist feature here on Music Unlabeled. This week, we're focusing on The Curse Within, an emerging metal band located in Toronto. Fans of groups like Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and Children Of Bodom might be interested in learning about and listening to this likewise influenced group. This … Continue reading Artist Feature: The Curse Within

“Leaving Home” by Old State review

This week we've got another artist from Waybridge Records, Old State! Their first EP, Leaving Home, was released recently, so it's going to be the focus of today's post. Old State is an aggressive sadcore band from St. Louis, Missouri with influences such as Title Fight, Turnover, Basement, Have Mercy, Head North, and Citizen. It's a … Continue reading “Leaving Home” by Old State review

Goldn’s “PinkFuck” Album Review

Another new artist, another week. As some basic info, Goldn is a solo artist who started out writing and recording in their bedroom. Influenced by the likes of Kurt Cobain, Frank Ocean, Ben Harper, and pc music, Goldn, whose music is commonly described as pop/rnb, says their inspiration comes from colorful cartoons and old video … Continue reading Goldn’s “PinkFuck” Album Review

One Direction’s “Four” Album Review

So around a week ago this album was released, it just took some time for us to get to a point where we could listen to and review it. Now, I don't listen to One Direction often, but it would be pretty hard to use the internet and not know who they are by this … Continue reading One Direction’s “Four” Album Review

The Driver by Bastille Review

Just a quick review today since life has been pretty busy. Went with a single over an album because we've had a lot of long posts lately and it's nice to mix it up with some quicker reads every so often. Today's focus is on a new Bastille track I came across while flicking through … Continue reading The Driver by Bastille Review

Cortlyn’s Time Travels: The Rolling Stones’ “Aftermath” Review

We haven't had one of these for a while. I should get better about that since it's one of my features on the site, but other things have taken priority to this particular type of post here on Music Unlabeled. Now at this point I have done nothing but fetch the album art for tonight's … Continue reading Cortlyn’s Time Travels: The Rolling Stones’ “Aftermath” Review

Alligator – Dog Brain Album Review

Waybridge Records reached out to us about doing some features on their new group. So for today's review, we finally get the pleasure of introducing our readers to Dog Brain through their newest album, Alligator! Now I'll be honest, they self describe as psychedelic punk/power pop and I've never been the biggest fan of psychedelic … Continue reading Alligator – Dog Brain Album Review