INTERVIEW: Arthur Revechkis of Comrad

Comrad released hisĀ singleĀ "1000 Lives" earlier this year that I previously described as "fun and bubbly from the get-go." It had a wonderful energy to it that made it really stand out to me. So it was with a great eagerness that I sat down with Arthur Revechkis the voice behind Comrad to learn a little … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Arthur Revechkis of Comrad

“1000 Lives” by Comrad: Single Review

My taste in music leaves me open to hearing just about anything. That's part of why this site exists. there's so much music in the world to hear that it would be a shame to not give any artist I come across a chance. And artist like Comrad make it worth the chances taken when … Continue reading “1000 Lives” by Comrad: Single Review