“Dirt Sledding” by the Killers: Video Review

December has hit and so has a full fledged urge to listen to Christmas music all the time! Luckily, the Killers have released their yearly Christmas song, complete with a video directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, starring Richard Dreyfuss with a spoken word role, and the return of Ryan Pardey as Santa! "Dirt Sledding" appears … Continue reading “Dirt Sledding” by the Killers: Video Review

Cortlyn’s Winter Holiday Jams (a playlist)

I've been working on this playlist since the middle of November, and it's finally time to post it! Now, playlists have been few and far between in the last few weeks. We still only have one other playlist, but we're going to be working on making more as time goes on! Anyway, enough of my … Continue reading Cortlyn’s Winter Holiday Jams (a playlist)