REVIEW: Plaid Brixx’s Self-Titled EP

Ohio Alt-Pop band Plaid Brixx have dropped a brand new, self-titled EP. Each of the five songs have their own style and story to tell. With incredibly catchy lyrics and melodic beats that get you up on your feet, Plaid Brixx use this EP to change their sound and direction. And they’ve left themselves open to … Continue reading REVIEW: Plaid Brixx’s Self-Titled EP

“Ordinary” by Post Paradise, Single Review

The new rock single, “Ordinary,” from Post Paradise is the first from their upcoming EP. The song seems to draw influences from the likes of RED and Evanescence, and only further establishes Post Paradise as a band to recognize. The most recognizable and unique element to Post Paradise is the cello by Amy Morgan. This … Continue reading “Ordinary” by Post Paradise, Single Review

“In Light Of” by Mishandled — New Artist and Album Review

Today, keeping with the trend of trying our best to feature new artists, I reviewed Mishandled. They’re a pop-punk/alternative emo band from Chicago, Illinois that was brought to us by Waybridge Records to review (Thanks Joshua!) Their new EP In Light Of is officially out now on Spotify and bandcamp, but in my official opinion, … Continue reading “In Light Of” by Mishandled — New Artist and Album Review