“Bees” by Smoke Season, Single Review

"Bees" is a new single by indie-alternative rock band Smoke Season. Formed in 2013, Smoke Season is comprised of Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen. Their newest song, "Bees," combines interesting lyrics and instrumentals with almost sensual sounding vocals to create a totally unique and extremely captivating song. The song starts off slow, the vocals by Wortman leading the way into the song … Continue reading “Bees” by Smoke Season, Single Review

“Dead Inside” by Muse, Song Review

"Dead Inside" is the first official single off of Muse's upcoming album, Drones, due to release June 8th. Like the previously released song, "Psycho," the new song puts more of an emphasises on all of the basic instruments. Guitars, drums, and vocals are the primary forces behind this song. You would think that this would result in … Continue reading “Dead Inside” by Muse, Song Review