“The Original High” by Adam Lambert: Album Review

Well it seems like the release of Ghost Town was pushed back to the sixteenth rather than the twelfth, but that means it's out all the same. Since I'm an eager beaver this week, this review is going up right now, especially since I won't have another chance to sit down and listen to it … Continue reading “The Original High” by Adam Lambert: Album Review

April 2015’s Top 10 Songs

Life is busy, we get it. Sometimes you get so caught up in an artist that you completely forget what other artists are up to. Just in case you missed something though, we've got you covered. And we've covered all of them already too. For in-depth reviews of the songs and links to the videos, … Continue reading April 2015’s Top 10 Songs

“Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert: Single Review

Adam Lambert has always managed to put out fun and evocative songs that really hold my attention whenever I listen to him, so I'm kind of really psyched for his third album, The Original High.┬áSo since "Ghost Town", the first single off the album, dropped this week, it seemed like a great idea for today's … Continue reading “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert: Single Review