So You Want To Write For Music Unlabeled?

Despite our small size, Music Unlabeled operates like a professional publication. We treat this like work (except we don’t get paid). It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also not for everyone. Anyone who wants to write for Music Unlabeled and be a part of something great has to have dedication, skill, and a passion for music that is unparalleled.

Still want to write for us? Great.

What We’re Looking For
Dedicated, passionate music lovers who also just happen to be awesome writers. We’re mainly looking for people to review music. Contributing writers can review any sort of music they please as long as it hasn’t been reviewed before. Contributing writers who have been reviewing music with us for a decent amount of time may occasionally be requested to review music that we send to them, that has been sent to our submission page. This is of course voluntary – you can turn the music away. But reviewing music outside of your normal genre and tastes (and that is sent to us through the submissions page) is a key part of being a member of the Music Unlabeled team.

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who hasn’t been published before. Music Unlabeled is a growing organization that has worked with countless publicists and musicians. Through this publication, both the founders have grown exceptionally and learned lots. We’re not experts (yet) but we’re willing to work with anyone who has the passion and ability to learn from us and with us as we continue to grow.

For writers who still want to write for Music Unlabeled but don’t want to write reviews, we might have a place for you and encourage you to send us an email. Please note that you will not be handling any interviews.

– Previous writing experience
– A love for music
– Excellent communication skills
– Basic WordPress Knowledge is a plus
– Ability to post at least one review or article every two weeks (though we’re flexible with your schedule, so email us to see if we can’t work something out if this isn’t working for you.)
– Familiarity with AP Style (or the ability to learn AP Style – we’re not too strict on this one)

How Do I Apply?
Send an email to with your name, previous writing experience, and a writing sample. After you email us, we will be in contact within two weeks to set up a phone interview to see if you’re a good fit.


  • Any work published or submitted to Music Unlabeled must be unpublished work (in this case: articles / reviews / other publishing material).
  • All work must be original and your own.
  • Any work published on Music Unlabeled becomes the property of Music Unlabeled and cannot be republished anywhere else.
  • Music Unlabeled has the right to stop publishing your submitted work at any notice, should we decide you no longer meet the contributor requirements.
  • Music Unlabeled will not pay for any work submitted for publishing. Contributors are on a strictly volunteer basis.
  • By submitting your works to Music Unlabeled, you agree to these terms and conditions.