So What’s This Music Unlabeled Thing Anyway? 

Question: Who is Music Unlabeled?
Music Unlabeled is a site started by Anna Fair and Cortlyn Matney in order to share a love of music and all things pertaining to it, regardless of genre or labels. You can find out more about the site and the people behind it on the About page.

Question: What do you cover?
We review albums, singles, new artists, established artists, concerts, history, interviews, news…. Pretty much anything to do with music, be it current or slightly dated. We also do our best to plan extended features, interview, and report on all of the latest and greatest in different music scenes!

Question: Do you guys make any money off of Music Unlabeled?
For the most part, no. Music Unlabeled is a volunteer venture from the founders, based purely out of a love for the music, and we’re not in it for the money.

Question: Are you guys for real?
Yes, we are “for real.” We’ve worked with countless of artists, publicity firms, and have a genuine love for music that keeps us going.


Question: I have a new release and I was wondering if you’d review it on Music Unlabeled?
Sure! Send us an email, or contact us through our contact page. Include information about the release, the group behind the release, a picture relating to the band or release, and a way for us to listen to the release! Please be aware we get lots of submissions, so please allow two weeks for a response. If it’s time sensitive, please mention that in your email and our communications head will try her best.

Question: How do you guys review music? Is there a grading scale?
We honestly talked about grading scales for a long time. Neither of the founders felt comfortable appointing numbers to the music, and ultimately the idea of a scale died a natural death as it became realized that it simply didn’t work for Music Unlabeled. Music is an experience that can change from person to person, so it seems silly to us to try and put a label of any sort on that.

Question: Do we have to pay to have you guys review our albums?
Short Answer: No! Having your album reviewed on Music Unlabeled is totally free!
While there has been a history of Music Unlabeled accepting (small) payments from publicists and artists in exchange for music reviews and features, it is not our standard and these payments in no way affect what we write about your music submission.
If you are a publicist looking to pay one of our reviewers for consistent news coverage and/or reviews, please email the appropriate person. PLEASE NOTE THOUGH it is NOT REQUIRED.

Question: We have some awesome exciting news that we want you guys to share! Can we send press releases?
Absolutely! Press releases are mainly handled by our lead music journalist (Anna Fair), and can be emailed directly to her or to Music Unlabeled’s main email (musicunlabeled@gmail.com).

Question: I’m a publicist looking for press contacts. Can I add you guys to my list?
For press releases and any other sort of news coverage, as she is the main music journalist and head of communications. News will be reported on by her, and most of the interviews conducted by her as well.
For music reviews: add either Anna Fair or Cortlyn Matney to your list.

Question: I’m an artist looking for someone to do a feature on me or cover my image or music in some way. Is that something you’d be interested in?
We’re always interested in helping artists and musicians! Send us an email and we’ll get to you asap. Please allow three weeks for reply. If time sensitive, please say so in your email or subject line.


Question: Can I write for Music Unlabeled?
YES! But on a volunteer basis only. The founders really don’t get any money off of Music Unlabeled, and if we do, it all goes back into running and maintaining the site. We are actually recruiting writers right now. If you’re interested, please email us at musicunlabeled@gmail.com

Question: I really want to get involved in Music Unlabeled, but I’m not really a writer. Are you looking for help in any more areas? 
We can’t tell you off hand, but if you have a way that you think you can lend your talents to the site, please email us at musicunlabeled@gmail.com


Question: I sent you an email. I never heard back. What gives?
Currently we have one person managing our emails, and sometimes she gets swamped! Because of that, please allow three weeks for her to get back to you. If it’s a time sensitive submission or email, please say so in the subject line or body of the email. Otherwise it’s not going to be marked as high priority, and she won’t get to it right away.

Question: it’s been more than three weeks though!
If after three weeks there’s no response, please feel free to email again! Odds are she dealt with your issue and forgot to tell you about it, or her email server ate your email and it was lost in cyber space.

Question: Why do you guys choose not to post about something and post about other things?
Right now, we are a small team of two people trying to cover the entirety of the music scene. Sometimes we turn submissions away simply because lack of time, or there’s no relevance to it. If you email us about your tour that happened in 2014, we’re not going to post about it. Or, we don’t feel equipped to review that particular submission or post.
In addition, if your email is not written in a clear manner, then it’s going to get brushed aside. We will get to it eventually, but only to email you and say we can’t cover your submission. Sorry.

Question: What if we want to tell you you’re awesome?
We know it already. But if you want to send us shout-outs, do so in the comments!

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