So What’s This Music Unlabeled Thing Anyway?
Music Unlabeled is a music review and industry blog started by two very ambitious high schoolers who turned into cool adults. We might be biased though.


Question: I have a new release and I was wondering if you’d review it on Music Unlabeled?
Sure! Send us an email, or contact us through our contact page. Please include a link to the music you want reviewed, an image to go along with the post, and any background information you have.

Question: How do you guys review music? Is there a grading scale?
There’s no grading scale. We just write what we like about the music and how we feel, and who we think would like the music.

Question: We have some awesome exciting news that we want you guys to share! Can we send press releases?
Absolutely! Press releases can be generally sent to musicunlabeled@gmail.com where Anna will get back to you.

Question: I’m a publicist looking for press contacts. Can I add you guys to my list?
Absolutely! For news and interviews, as well as major feature coverage, you want to email Anna at annafair@musicunlabeled.com. For music reviews: submit it to musicunlabeled@gmail.com

Question: Do you guys just write music reviews or do you cover other things to?
Occasionally we’ll write about things affecting the music industry or things that we think are important. We also might promote other publications or podcasts. If you’re curious about getting something promoted or written about on our website, feel free to send us an email at musicunlabeled@gmail.com

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