REVIEW: “Infernal Overdrive” by White Wizzard

“Infernal Overdrive” is the latest release from heavy-metal band White Wizzard. Self-described as a “true American metal band,” White Wizzard heavily feature long guitar riffs and higher pitched vocals to complete the classic sound. The lyrics are incredibly visual, occasionally referencing supernatural concepts like Hell, angels and Satan. “Infernal Overdrive” even features a whole song … Continue reading REVIEW: “Infernal Overdrive” by White Wizzard

REVIEW: “Bloom” by Separations

The second album from Atlanta rock band Separations, titled Bloom, shows the band’s maturity from their first record, Dream Eater. Where the first album showed the bands potential, Bloom shows Separations literally blossoming and growing into their own sound. Separations tackle topics like loss, change and growth with descriptive lyrics and defined vocals from Will … Continue reading REVIEW: “Bloom” by Separations

Indie Review: “What Do I Do” by Russell Lee

Sometimes what a good song needs to become a great song is the right stage at the right time with the right audience. Russell Lee’s newest album, What Do I Do is an example of just that. On the record, he sings about love, loss, and everything in between with catchy melodies. The small town, … Continue reading Indie Review: “What Do I Do” by Russell Lee

Review: Likeness by Ursae, New Single

Soft spoken lyrics and a prominent piano combine to create this artful latest track from Ursae, titled “Likeness.” With this song, Ursae lyrically shines and generates a peaceful place, a five minute escape from the world. There’s no telling where you’ll go with “Likeness,” but it’s got all the potential in the world for you … Continue reading Review: Likeness by Ursae, New Single

REVIEW: Debut Song “Breathless” from Senator

Bravely coming onto the scene with a sophisticated, spine-chilling sound and a strong message; Senator has released his debut track “Breathless.” Named for both the story it tells and the feeling it leaves listener’s with, “Breathless” draws you in with a seductive, calm, collected melody that slowly dissolves into this eerie, powerfully evocative tone that … Continue reading REVIEW: Debut Song “Breathless” from Senator

EP Review: “You Know Who You Are” by Ryan Chernin

With a new year comes new music; that’s where Ryan Chernin enters the scene with his debut EP, You Know Who You Are, out January 13. You Know Who You Are features six songs about “life, love, and loss” and is the product of a year’s worth of work. The mature songs, personal lyrics, and … Continue reading EP Review: “You Know Who You Are” by Ryan Chernin

[REVIEW] “Body Wars” by June Divided

The songs from June Divided’s latest EP Body Wars, dropped earlier this month, are captivating. They echo from your headphones the same way that you’d expect them to echo from the stage at the concert. That energy is there, alive in every song and calling you to dance with it. Progressive, melodic, and poppy; June … Continue reading [REVIEW] “Body Wars” by June Divided

“Arrogance & Ignorance” by The Narrowbacks: Album Review

Confession: I am all about Celtic Rock. I do not listen to near enough of it, and I am always excited to expand the list of groups that are on my radar. That being said, I got so unbelievably hyped over seeing that genre crop up in an email that I couldn't wait to sit … Continue reading “Arrogance & Ignorance” by The Narrowbacks: Album Review

“Today” by Pamela Hute: EP Review

Today is an EP that has an album following in its wake. With the promise of more music coming in just a few months, the EP draws attention quickly. It was easy to settle in and press play to see what exactly this EP sounded like, instead of trying to guess.  I was pleasantly surprised at the … Continue reading “Today” by Pamela Hute: EP Review