Kai Rogers: Creating a Rift in the Music Scene

By Kourtney Husnick Balancing school, work, creating a band and finding a sound can be difficult for many aspiring musicians. Kai Rogers, guitarist and vocalist for The Rift, figured out how to balance it all early into his first year of college at Western Kentucky University. It all started when Rogers met Stephen Woods and … Continue reading Kai Rogers: Creating a Rift in the Music Scene


So it's a little short at just three songs, but these three songs make a decent sized impression. You're immediately dragged in by the upbeat melodies and intriguing vocals. Soon you're bopping your head along and grooving in your seat, maybe even singing along under your breath. It unexpectedly drags you in, and that's what … Continue reading “COIN – EP” by COIN

Recent Replays Week: Tre! by Green Day

We’ve reached the week’s end and wrap up this short marathon of posts with the third and final album, Tre! by Green Day. This album starts off with the track Brutal Love. Brutal Love begins with a light melodic guitar and vocals that flow easily together. It’s a very melodic driven song in the beginning, … Continue reading Recent Replays Week: Tre! by Green Day

Recent Replays Week: Dos! by Green Day

Starting off the second day of this three day endeavor is the album Dos! which begins with See You Tonight. See You Tonight starts off with a melodic guitar and very light vocal presence, occasionally drowned out by the guitars at first. The effect is very nice, and it’s a nice calm song to start … Continue reading Recent Replays Week: Dos! by Green Day

Recent Replays Week: Uno! by Green Day

 This week we decided to do a theme in a sense. We’ll be doing recent replays for not only Uno! by Green Day, but also Dos! and Tre! later on in the week. I’m not going to talk too much about it in here, because I want to be able to get right into the … Continue reading Recent Replays Week: Uno! by Green Day

Off Key

it's been a busy few days for both mods, so you'll forgive us for skiving off today as long as we promise that next week is super exciting because there's a big project coming during it. We'll be properly tuned soon so just hang one through the cacophony. 

Broke Some Guitar Strings

It’s been somewhere around two months since the last post, and we’d like to apologize. The real world reared up and interrupted our flow. With NaNo commanding my attentions and school commanding Anna’s we’ve only recently got our heads together enough to figure out what it is that we need to do for Music Unlabeled.Everything … Continue reading Broke Some Guitar Strings