6 Friday Finds – August 30

Labor Day weekend started early on Friday with some fresh releases. As summer winds down to its end, these releases are keeping things hot on this New Music Friday. Plenty of new music was released, but here are our favorite songs and albums from August 30. Party on party people. via GIPHY 1. “Thanks, I … Continue reading 6 Friday Finds – August 30

REVIEW: “Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes” by Twisted Oak

The title of this five-song album strikes a chord and creates a visual almost immediately. Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes is a coffee house acoustic EP with somber lyrics and soft melodies.   The lyrics are very interpersonal, directed towards a specific thing or person. Twisted Oak creative Mat Batory said that the album … Continue reading REVIEW: “Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes” by Twisted Oak

REVIEW: “Colors of Noise” by Max Lee

This summer release from Max Lee takes an unorthodox spin on rock. In a way, you could argue that he combines every rock genre into one. Colors of Noise opens up into “finder’s keeper,” a song that combines about five different rock elements into one. Throughout the album, Lee appears to channel Linkin Park, Mutemath, … Continue reading REVIEW: “Colors of Noise” by Max Lee

REVIEW: “Fields Amaze (and other strange music)” by Patrick Grant

Originally released in 1997, Fields Amaze was a compilation of composer Patrick Grant’s various works and abilities. Now newly remastered, Fields Amaze (and other strange music) is even more vibrant and varied. Different states of being are all encompassed within the songs of this album. Instrumentals clash and combine together in “Keeping Still” to generate … Continue reading REVIEW: “Fields Amaze (and other strange music)” by Patrick Grant

Review: “Singing You This Song” by LeeSun

Singing You This Song is the latest song by UK songwriter and musician LeeSun. With 13 tracks, Singing You This Song is a combination of bright poppy coffee house acoustic and indie folk music. The new album from LeeSun features catchy melodies and vulnerable vocals that bring you into the album. Stand out songs include … Continue reading Review: “Singing You This Song” by LeeSun

Review: “Endeavor” by Elza

Smooth, soft instrumentals pull you into Elza’s second-single, “Endeavor.” The track is off of Elza’s new album, Nothing’s Wrong, available now. The song is somber, growing over the course of four and a half minutes. Comforting synths are combined with acoustic melodies to ease you through the slightly melancholy song. The main focus of the … Continue reading Review: “Endeavor” by Elza

Review: “Title” by the Sonder Bombs

The Sonder Bombs have signed to Take This To Heart Records and dropped their first single, “Title” off their upcoming album Modern Female Rockstar. The song is a female anthem with lyrics that will resonate with its female audience and make certain males uncomfortable. Frontwoman Willow Hawks sings with intimate strength, calling out misogyny in … Continue reading Review: “Title” by the Sonder Bombs