About Music Unlabeled

About MU

Music Unlabeled is a online music publication started by two music lovers on February 28th 2014. The goal of Music Unlabeled is to be a publication that reviews and reports on all types of music, extending beyond the limitations of genres, labels, and popularity. Music Unlabeled also makes a concentrated effort to review and share new artists with as many people as possible.

You can also find us at:

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About the Writers

Anna Fair
Co-Founder, Lead Music Journalist, Head of Communications, Web Designer

Anna is a student at Cleveland State University, studying Journalism and Promotional Communications. She also writes for various publications in her spare time. In addition to writing articles and constantly playing with the site’s web design, Anna’s in charge of all of Music Unlabeled’s social media accounts and main emails. Odds are if you tweet, message, or email Music Unlabeled on any forum, it’s her responding. Her love of music started with her mom, who worked as a DJ for WMMS, and raised her with a love for music of all genres that went on to inspire Music Unlabeled. When she’s not writing or doing school work, you can find her at any one of Cleveland’s numerous local shows.

To keep up with what Anna’s up to, you can find her at:
Email: annafair@musicunlabeled.com 

Cortlyn Matney

Cortlyn Matney

Co-Founder, Reviewer, Lead Feature Writer

Cortlyn Matney is a twenty year old writer who brings her love for history to Music Unlabeled alongside her love of music. A chronic reviewer and closet historian, Cortlyn enjoys the myriad of possibilities that Music Unlabeled has come to offer in terms of content. She listens to a healthy mix of music, but some more constant artists are Muse, Secondhand Serenade, Thriving Ivory, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Maroon 5. Her main focus for the time being is preparing to launch her writing career.

To keep up with what Cortlyn’s up to, you can find her at:
Email: cortlynmatney@musicunlabeled.com
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