Big Smile talk about their big plans after “Killdozer” release

After spending years building up their reputation and fanbase in the Cincinnati/Dayton music scene, Ohio band Big Smile made their debut on Anchor Eighty Four Records late last month with “Killdozer” – an emotionally raw song jam packed with classic pop-punk flavor.

We sat down with Big Smile vocalist Scooter Smith to learn more about the band’s inspirations, how “Killdozer” came to be, and where they’re going from here.

“Killdozer” touches on topics of drug abuse – what inspired you to write it?

Witnessing friends being prescribed hundreds of medications by the time they finished college, seeing folks being over prescribed medications by Drs. who are being paid to write prescriptions. Seeing the pharmaceutical industry create an opioid epidemic in our home state. We want to spread awareness to a huge problem that doesn’t get enough attention. [Musically] A band called The Hotelier were a huge influence for this track.

What would you consider to be your influences?

Modern society, our current culture and our habit of subconsciously conforming have been extremely influential over our next couple releases. Musically, we draw a lot of inspiration from alot of modern pop punk bands, Knuckle Puck and Trophy Eyes to name a few

You guys have been in the scene for a little bit now. What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Honestly just to play shows at home with our friends screaming back at us feels like the best accomplishment. But I do need to say that opening for acts like State Champs and The Dangerous Summer, along with signing with Anchor Eighty Four Records would be right up there with our proudest moments so far.

How do you juggle doing music in the middle of a pandemic?

Music became easier to work on alone, but much harder to write with the band around. It definitely forced us to motivate ourselves to finish the EP while in quarantine. What’s really killing us is not being able to tour. Traveling and playing is our life Blood and we need it back.

What can we expect to see from the band in 2020?

I wish I was dropping tour dates here but for now, after signing with Anchor Eighty Four, what I can promise is more new tunes to come!

What future goals do you guys have as a band?

Our goal right now is to just grow as artists and businessmen, we are still learning so much about the industry everyday and with the team we have around us, we can’t help but be optimistic.

What’s the best way for fans to support you guys doing this time?

Well of course stream/listen to us however you listen to music these days, we should be on most, if not all streaming platforms. But the best way to help us, or any artist out right now is by picking something up from our merch store!            

Listen to “Killdozer” below.

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