7 New Drops For Your Weekend

New music Friday is our favorite day of the week. With so many albums out there, we don’t possibly have time to review them all. But here are some of our favorite releases from August 21 to take you into your weekend.

The Killers – Imploding the Mirage

Imploding the Mirage is filled with the throbbing guitars and evocative lyrics that have decorated their backlog of music for the last few years. The opening song on the album, “My Own Soul’s Warning,” sets the tone of the album with ease, blending a sense of longing against an undercurrent of regrets. Imploding The Mirage is a fantastic new release from The Killers that contains many of the elements that fans know and love. 

Stand Out Songs: “My Own Soul’s Warning,” “Lightning Fields,” “Imploding the Mirage”

Lauren Sanderson – Midwest Kids Can Make It Big (Deluxe)

On this extended version of her earlier release, Lauren Sanderson merges various genres together to create infectious tunes. The songs have their own narrative that’s loud and unapologetic. If you missed this release the first time around, this deluxe version features 6 new songs to get lost in.

Stand Out Songs: “But I Like It” and “Frustrated”

Nas – King’s Disease

In his thirteenth studio album, Nas retains his legendary status in hip-hop. Not a lot of artists are able to sound new and fresh after thirty years in the game, but Nas is the exception to the rule on King’s Disease. The album is full of great messages of Black beauty and the importance of community. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer, everyone will find something to love in King’s Disease.

Stand Out Songs: “All Bad” and “Till The War Is Won”

blackbear – everything means nothing

This latest release from blackbear will have you grooving through all 12 songs. It switches between a variety of emotions and scenarios, exploring similar topics through a range of lenses and stances. Filled with strong beats and flowing rhythms, everything means nothing is an utter delight to throw on for a small dance party.

Stand Out Songs: “me & ur ghost” and “half alive”

Point North – Brand New Vision

Brand New Vision feels almost too polished to be a debut. That’s because Point North is full of seasoned musicians that take pride in what they do and have worked with the best of their genre throughout the years. Featuring appearances from DE’WAYNE and legendary vocalist Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens, Brand New Vision is a must listen for any pop-punk alternative fan.

Stand Out Songs: “Heartbeat” and “Brand New Vision”

New Politics – Escape to Paradise

Short, bouncy and fun, the latest release from New Politics is a collection of three feel good songs. Upbeat and fused with reggae rhythms, this EP feels introspective of a relationship. Despite that, the melodies are catchy and easy to flow to. Anyone who’s a fan of New Politics previous works will love Escape to Paradise.

Stand Out Song: “Paradise”

Bully – Sugaregg

Indie-punk rockers Bully are out with their third full album. Passionate vocals and garage-rock vibes drive the album forward, pushing fans into motion. Sugaregg will resonate with anyone that’s been going through a hard time and wants to let loose a little bit.

Stand Out Songs: “Where to Start” and “Prism”

Written by Anna Fair and Cortlyn Matney

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