“Minutia” is a daydreamy debut for AFTYN

Idyllic and harmonious, AFTYN’s debut album is the epitome of indie pop-folk music. In ten beautiful songs, this dynamic duo will get you swaying to the melodies and tapping along to the rhythm. The draw in Minutia is from the duo’s fantastic use of a simpler style in both their original content and their covers of popular songs across the ages.

Their latest single “Sunday” possesses a daydreamy, floaty quality that defines the rest of the album. A beautiful blend of optimism and emotional realism, “Sunday” is an excellent call to just exist for a moment and drink in everything good around you.

With a raw but refined sound, AFTYN create a deeply emotional album that easily evokes a nostalgic feeling in the listener. Minutia is incredibly relaxing and truly showcases the talent of the two musicians behind it.

Listen to AFTYN on their Spotify or YouTube as you wait for the formal release of Minutia on August 21. Get in touch with the band through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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