ICYMI – “Taking Off” From Dribble

UK-based band Dribble released “Taking Off” at the end of July; a guitar-driven angsty track that perfectly describes the world’s cagey feeling during the pandemic.

The daunting lyrics in “Taking Off” talk about going insane while wishing for an escape or change of scenery. All the verses work together to create a darker aesthetic filled with uncertainty. While the singer talks of escaping, there’s no set time or place. Like the lockdown, there’s no telling when it will end.

“We wanted to capture that big-fat doom sound, but condense things into a more accessible structure. Essentially heavy, dirty, gritty hooks that rip through into your head and set up shop. Lyrically speaking, we wanted to talk about current events and modern life in general.”

— Dribble

People that have taken COVID-19 seriously and haven’t left their house except for necessities will resonate with the dark, doomcore vibes that Dribble give off in their latest song.

These lyrics are supported by heavy guitars and drawn out vocals. The instrumentals sound like they were taken right out of a ‘90s grunge band. Capturing the elements that made bands like Garbage and Radiohead famous, Dribble has managed to create something new out of a classic sound.

Listen to “Taking Off” on Dribble’s Bandcamp now.

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