Tia Gostelow releases 80’s inspired track, “Always”

Even as the summer heat simmers down, there are still tracks that keep the flame going. Tia Gostelow’s newest track “Always” is something that will transport you back into the 80’s and keep you moving in your seat.

Past meets present as the elements of old school, synth driven dance songs are blended with modern vocals and EDM elements. There’s a nice structure and the bass line drives the song forward with a flair, without being overwhelming. The positive energy builds throughout the song, starting out with sweet lyrics from Tia Gostelow to capture your attention.

Gostelow is a seasoned indie artist, going beyond genres to create anthems like “Always.” Gostelow worked with producer Oscar Dawson to create the vibrant, 80’s synth-pop soundscape that acts as the song’s foundation.

Tim Carroll from Holy Holy duets with Gostelow on the track, creating an intimate space in this song. From that moment on, the main focus are these two vocalists with the otherworldy instrumentals acting as support.

“Always” will be featured on Tia Gostelow’s upcoming, untitled album, out later this year. Listen to “Always” now.

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