PONY signed to Take This To Heart Records

Take This to Heart Records announced earlier today the addition of PONY to their roster. Coming out of Toronto, PONY has the same bubblegum sweet instrumentals that you see in some of the other power pop rock acts signed to Take This to Heart Records. If you like The Sonder Bombs or Snarls, you’re going to love PONY.

The band’s vibrant sound is showcased in PONY’s lead single, “WebMD,” where lead singer and guitarist Sam Bielanski sings about newfound independence and paranoia all in one. The accompanying music video is full of intriguingly cut visuals and stunning colors as Bielanski goes back and forth from glowing confidence to quiet contemplation.

Made with help from Bielanski’s friends, Matty Morand (Pretty Matty) and Lucas Horne, the video showcases the different stages as you’re frantically typing your symptoms in to Google to see what comes up. Everyone can relate to the waves of thinking you’re fine until you find a new thing, a vicious cycle that doesn’t really end.

“WebMD” does an excellent job of expressing those emotions. With descriptive lyrics and fast paced rhythm, “WebMD” makes you excited to see what PONY does next.

“WebMD” will be featured on PONY’s debut full length album, which is to be released sometime this year. Connect with PONY here and learn more about Take This To Heart Records now.  

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