REVIEW: “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” by Pinkshift

A lot of music videos have been released during the pandemic, though none have been as brutally honest as this homemade video from Pinkshift.

“i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” is a whole mood in and of itself. It’s angsty, blending grunge and pop-punk with emotional vulnerability. Regardless of the listener’s background or history with mental health, this song perfectly describes being at the end of your rope. And with the climate of the world right now, that’s a feeling everyone can relate to.

Which is part of what makes the video for “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” so appealing. While other music videos released this year have been filmed with fan submissions or on near empty sets, Pinkshift’s home made music video feels honest and open. Everyone’s doing the best they can right now and Pinkshift is no different.

With that being said, Pinkshift knocked it out of the park. The editing is fantastic, fitting in with the chaotic riotgrrl energy brought forth in the song. With behind-the-scenes footage added as interludes, the music video feels open and raw, making the band seem more relatable. The homemade quality is a refreshing change of pace, speaking to those who don’t have the means or the confidence to leave their house during the pandemic.

Overall, the music video for “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” is a joy. It’s fun, upbeat and makes the viewer want to have a mosh pit in their living room.

Learn more from Pinkshift by clicking on this link.

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