REVIEW: “morning” by Ted When

Side-projects can be a wonderful way of seeking growth on one’s own terms, outside of our regular structure. That’s exactly what Ted When did with his ep morning, released earlier this month. Morning was created and produced in When’s home, where he tried to find his individual sound outside of the bands and artists he worked with.

Driven by percussion and supported by airy synths, I couldn’t get the image of a fresh morning out of my head. Soft and sweet, the sun gently coming up over the horizon, mornings are bittersweet. The end of a previous day and the start of something new.

This overall theme of fresh starts and escape is abundantly apparent in the six-song EP. One song flows so seamlessly into the next that it feels like natural progression and growth, with each song gaining a new layer of intricacy the further you get into the EP.

The lyrics to each song echo the overall escapist ambiance of morning, with dashes of melancholy. Especially apparent in songs like “Guide Me Home” and “Eyes Closed,” the lyrics are catchy and emotional. You feel like the narrator is looking into his rearview mirror.

With morning, Ted When has created a beautiful ep that effortlessly blends genres together to create something relatively new sounding. In a very hectic world, morning provided a much-needed space to stop and breathe.

morning is available now on Spotify and other streaming services, through Blacksmith Recordings/Motown Records.

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