REVIEW: “Breaking My Bones” by Friday Pilots Club

Friday Pilots Club are teasing at a new EP with “Breaking My Bones,” a rhythmic alternative jam that’s smooth as silk.

“Breaking My Bones” draws elements from several different genres, giving it a smooth sound and edge over other bands in its genres. Lead singer Caleb Hiltunen has a deep, rich voice that lures you in while instrumentalist Drew Polovick curates a custom sound to highlight Hiltunen’s vocals.

“’Breaking My Bones’ is about the struggle with your ‘digital self’ and the lengths we go to for the validation of strangers on the internet,” Polovick explains. “As we spend more time online, it is increasingly easy to lose track of the version of ourselves that we choose to present, as well as it is easy to lose ourselves in the false realities and personalities presented by others.”

You can hear the struggle in the song as it moves through highs and lows. Societal pressure from social media represented in the way the bass builds and drops. Emotional and intense, “Breaking My Bones” is a joy to listen to, especially for fans of Welshy Arms or the Wombats.

“Breaking My Bones” is off Friday Pilots Club’s forthcoming EP – to be released at a future date on Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. Listen to the song here.

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