REVIEW: “M180” from Mint

English rockers Mint have a rather unique blend of indie inspired melodies, heavy instrumentals, and light humor set against a backdrop of more serious topics. M180, released on July 4, displays their talents well while diving into a variety of topics.

With three-tracks, M180 provides anthems for teenagers coming of age and for trying to fix the sorry state of the world. Mint delivers an EP that easily gets into the system and builds beautifully from start to finish while capturing a microcosm of what it’s like to be a young adult in these turbulent times.

m180 final

From the first roaring notes of “M180,” Mint manages to take you into a headspace where you’re an invincible teenager taking the road by storm in search of reckless adventure and outrageous kinds of fun. The song perfectly leads into the throbbing guitar strings of “Goodbye Beautiful (Bella Ciao)” to take hold of you. This second track highlights the effect that we all have on the world around us.

The conclusion of the album, “Dopamine (Riot Remix),” has an eerie vibe and is heavy from the start. The longest track on the EP, this song captures so much of the anger, uncertainty and fear that are shared among people of all ages in the world right now.

When you listen to it from start to finish, M180 can leave you feeling raw.  It somehow encapsulates what it is to come of age in these unprecedented times without being too on the nose. Mint has put out a fantastic banger of an album that you will love coming back to over and over.

You can check M180 out on Spotify.

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