REVIEW: “Colors of Noise” by Max Lee

This summer release from Max Lee takes an unorthodox spin on rock. In a way, you could argue that he combines every rock genre into one.

Colors of Noise opens up into “finder’s keeper,” a song that combines about five different rock elements into one. Throughout the album, Lee appears to channel Linkin Park, Mutemath, and many other rock bands in an attempt to find his own sound.

By combining elements of metal rock, indie electronic rock and so many more elements, Lee does make a recognizable sound for himself.

In addition, Lee makes his projects stand out with clips of far of voices. While the clips attempt to add to a story line, it does more to set the tone for the incoming song and lace two tracks together.

One fault that Colors of Noise has is that it’s simply too long. It’s more like two albums for the price of one. A lot of good tracks are shoved onto one compilation, getting lost in the undertow and shadowed.

Max Lee has a lot to offer. Ambition is lost to an 18 track album that overwhelms the ears. Taking the album bit by bit, pausing and stopping, proves to be a more enjoyable experience than trying to consume it over once. Even with that small complaint, no one can deny Lee’s potential in the rock scene.

You can listen to and purchase Colors of Noise here.

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