Review: “Singing You This Song” by LeeSun

Singing You This Song is the latest song by UK songwriter and musician LeeSun. With 13 tracks, Singing You This Song is a combination of bright poppy coffee house acoustic and indie folk music.

The new album from LeeSun features catchy melodies and vulnerable vocals that bring you into the album. Stand out songs include “Mother Dear,” with it’s sweet and somber sound.

While the album is filled with tracks that have LeeSun opening their heart to the world, “MotherDear” has LeeSun pulling from the depths of their soul. They sing about desiring acceptance from their mother, while a background chorus of children echo the thoughts she had as a child. The result creates a stunning visual that sticks with the listener.

The vulnerableness of LeeSun’s music isn’t a coincidence. She intentionally writes music to process feelings that she can’t otherwise cope with. Singing This Song For You is all about unashamedly feeling your emotions, good or bad, in the moment that you’re having them.

The next song is equally as emotionally heavy. A bluesy guitar melody interweaves itself in between the rhythmic chorus of “Dry Your Tears” as LeeSun sings through the cycle of abuse and behaviors she’s witnessed. Guitars are a prominent presence on the album. Rejuvenating in some songs and relaxing in others, the guitar is the focal point of each track.

The flow throughout Singing You This Song is captivating, taking you on a journey from one track to the next. LeeSun stitches the songs together lyrically and instrumentally, tweaking things along the way to make them different.

Singing You This Song is out now and available on Spotify.

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